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Street Etiquette Audio Visual 004

@softglas & Anessa – We Are The Ones
@key-sung – Holograms
@Galimatias – Undying Ember
@yeek & @softglas – APCH
@yeek & @softglas – Lovin’ Ain’t the Same
@Illangelo & @rojoproto – What the Fuss
@SangoBeats – Icebox 2.0
Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson – What’s it Gonna Be
@rkcbmusic – Comatose
Theo Parrish & Tony Allen – Days Like This
@taylor-mcferrin - Honestly Love
@taylor-mcferrin – Place in my Heart
@jesseboykinsiii – Show Me Who You Are
Parlay Damour – I Give
@samsmithworld – Safe With Me
@schlomo & Jeremih – No More
Sage the Gemini – Gas Pedal ft. IamSu (@yayay Remix)
@sbt-3 (Lonely Speck) – Heartfix
@thebronzewhale – Say It (BAILE Remix)
@femalemusic – 9 PM Tonight
@samsmithworld – Nirvana (Harry Fraud Remix)
@sangobeats – U N I V E R S E
Russ & Emmanuel Davis – That Feeling
Cassandre – Autour de Minuit
Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight

Song Selection by Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette
Mixing by @Softglas

Almost out

So after removing the NG tube yesterday against my doctors wishes, I have been feeling fine. To be honest I want to go home. I am sick if being stuck in this room. I pretty much have to stick to a low residue diet until the chemo is able to solve what ails my tummy. I just got a call and I have  chemo tomorrow at 8 am. Not excited, but I am. It really is not that bad for someone my age. Can’t wait till this phase is over. 


I couldn’t take the damm NG tube anymore so I refused to continue this part of treatment, signed a waiver, and pulled it out myself. No offense to the doctors, but I could not take it anymore. My tummy is feeling much better and I still won’t be able to eat solid foods for a while, but that beats having a tube up your nose and down your throat, 

I gave my bf a break and let him go chill with some of his friends for a while since he has been stuck here with me since Friday. Gosh he is such a sweetie. He spent his whole weekend by my side taking care of me. My grandma stopped by while he was here and got to meet him. She really liked him. I am one lucky girl to be alive and to have access to this amazing quality of healthcare. I feel so bad for people who have no insurance or for people who are dying in third world countries because they don’t have access to good healthcare. 

i just turned on my Slacker Radio on my Windows phone to listen to Lana del Rey. She is my favorite singer. 

I can’t wait to be done with chemo so I can have my colostomy reconnected, and then I am probably going to get my abs inked up to cover the scars from all the surgeries I have had. I can’t believe that I have not had sex since my ex died in July 2012. I am super nervous. MY bf and I have not taken it that far yet. It makes me nervous since I have this ostomy, but there are tricks us women can use with lingerie and corsets and stuff to still look sexy while cover up that area. 

Since I have not been eating much lately I went from 147 pounds to 138. That is 9 pounds in 3 weeks. When I used to be a model I weighed less than 130 pounds. I don’t ever want to deprive myself of the joys of eating, but I do want to get in better shape. Since treatment I have been too tired to run so I am going to start yoga back up again. I usually do it at my house, and then I power walk or lift weights.

I want to be able to wear short shorts over the summer without being self concious. I am also going back to my organic diet, which I have been neglecting since I have been in party mode. You only live once anyways, but everything should be done in moderation. Lol. 

My mood is so much better now that I don’t have that freaking tube in me. I’ll tell you what, if you are dealing with cancer, and have a colostomy, or have had abdominal surgeries, please watch what you eat because you do not want to go through what I have went through. The road has been rough and tough, but life is worth it. 

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